Northeast Scala Symposium

Noel Welsh

I'm a Scala consultant and organizer of ScalaBridge London.

ScalaBridge London: The Plan

Abstract - ScalaBridge London has restarted. What we're trying to do, and how we're planning to do it, is quite unique. This talk will give a quick overview of our plans, what we've done so far, and what remains to be done.

ScalaBridge London is restarting. Our mission is to increase diverse within the Scala community and the wider programming community. To meet this goal our plan is to run a two year experiment where we teach Scala to people roughly in the spectrum from non-programmer to junior level developer. This talk will cover:
  • our curriculum: what we have created and what is still left to create
  • our approach to learning, which uses idea from self-paced learning and mastery-based learning
  • our goal to spread ScalaBridge beyond London and how you can get involved