Northeast Scala Symposium

Arman Bilge

Traversing DNA with probability monads and Typelevel Native

Abstract - In this talk I share my personal journey to Typelevel as a computational biologist. We'll learn how to model evolution with probability, express those as probabilistic programs, and interpret them with probability monads, then look at why Cats Effect Native is a compelling runtime for this usecase.

Scala Summer of Code 2023

Abstract - The Scala Center was a mentor organization in Google Summer of Code 2023, which funds students to work on open source projects. In this series of lightning talks, our students will share their projects, which spanned data visualization, networking, the Scala 3 compiler, and educational materials.

The Summer of Code 2023 projects and students are:
  • Breaking the Thread Barrier: Boosting I/O Performance with io_uring and FS2 by Antonio Jimenez
  • Enhancement of quote pattern matching in Scala 3 by Yuito Murase
  • Generation of 'async-shifted' version of high-order functions by Olena Kravchenko
  • http4s Ember WebSocket Client by Dang Trung Hieu
  • Implement adjustable plotting API for Doodle by Danylo Ostapchenko
  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Scala Web Development with Scala 3 by Akseli Ristola