Northeast Scala Symposium 2020

Join the NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia Scala meetups in Brooklyn, March 12-14, 2020, to celebrate 10 years of NE Scala!

Since 2011, the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia Scala meetups have hosted this community-driven Scala conference. Because the Northeast Scala Symposium (NE Scala, to its friends) is community-driven, you help create it. The NE Scala talks are proposed by the attendees, who then vote to select which will be given.

"Digital-only conference" update


tl;dr: NE Scala is still on, but it will be online-only (see our initial announcement for more details).

Due to the ongoing, unprecedented public health crisis, the physical event is canceled, and the conference will be hosted on Zoom and Slack.

Ticket-holders will receive a link to a Zoom webinar for days 1 and 2; day 3 (unconference) will happen across 5 Zoom rooms.

We apologize to those who are inconvenienced by this (many of us are in the same boat), but we hope you’ll still join us on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! We still have a great lineup of talks, and we’re looking forward to lively discussions around them. It isn’t going to be quite the conference that we had planned, but it will still be a lot of fun for everyone!


As usual, NE Scala and the Typelevel Summit will pair up for two days of recorded talks, followed by an "unconference" day:


NE Scala (and Typelevel Summit) tickets are on sale here; just $120 for 3 full days!

There is a limit of 10 tickets / order; if your company is interested in sponsor packages, please reach out to and for more info.

Schedule: Typelevel Summit (day 1)

Time Length Title Speaker(s)
09:00 30m Webinar room opens
09:10 10m Opening Remarks Luka Jacobowitz
09:20 45m You Didn't Know It, but You Really Want to Learn Sequent Calculus Adam Rosien slides
10:05 45m Functional Error Handling with Cats Mark Canlas slides
10:50 15m break
11:05 45m implicit def bias = stereotypes |+| prejudices Jeferson David Ossa slides
11:50 10m A Zero to Hero Vim + Metals setup for Scala Chris Kipp slides
12:00 80m Lunch break
13:20 10m 1000+ Compile-time Errors Later and Running Smoothly in Prod Kevin Meredith slides
13:30 45m Keep your sanity with compositional tracing Jakub Kozlowski slides
14:15 45m Magnolify all the Things Neville Li, Claire McGinty slides
15:00 15m break
15:15 45m Sleeping well in the lion's den with Monix Catnap Piotr Gawryś slides
16:00 45m IO monad & Error management : From Exceptions to Cats MTL Guillaume Bogard slides
16:45 15m break
17:00 45m How to build a kick-ass remote Scala team Laurent Parenteau slides
17:45 5m closing remarks

Schedule: Northeast Scala Symposium (day 2)

See full talk details here

Time Length Title Speaker(s)
9:00 30m Webinar room opens
9:30 5m Opening Remarks
9:35 45m Streams: Your New Favorite Primitive Ryan Peters slides
10:25 30m Comonads and the Game of Life Rebecca Mark slides
10:55 15m Break
11:10 30m What's Old is New Again! Adventures in Metaprogramming with Scalameta Eric Fredericks slides
11:45 45m Bringing Scala to a Diverse Group of Students Elissavet Velli, Noel Welsh, and Yifan Xing
12:30 90m Lunch break
14:00 15m Analysis of Zinc Eugene Yokota slides
14:20 30m Understanding Scala's Type System Bill Venners slides
14:55 45m Scala eDSLs for Domain-Specific Business Logic Eleftherios “Lef” Ioannidis slides
15:45 30m Catching More Bugs at Compile Time with Phantom Types and Implicits Maryam Aly, Jacob Van De Weert slides
16:15 15m Break
16:30 45m Scal(a)ing Python: a Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation Zoë Frances Weil
17:20 30m How to Eliminate Surprises in Your Data Anne, Idrees Khan slides
17:55 15m Free Monoids: Monoids for Anything! Adam Rosien
18:10 5m Closing


As mentioned above, due to COVID-19, NE Scala 2020 has switched to online-only. Please do not go to the original 26 Bridge address; no one will be there.

All ticket holders will receive links to join the Slack and Zoom channels before the conference starts. We expect the conference to run on the original schedule, as shown above, but entirely online.


NE Scala is made possible with the help of these sponsors:

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Code of Conduct

The Northeast Scala Symposium is committed to providing an environment that encourages and empowers its members to teach, learn, and collaborate. We welcome every skill level – from beginners to experts – to participate and advance the Scala community.

Importantly, our members represent multiple dimensions of difference – across gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, and more – and we want everyone to feel comfortable bringing their full selves to the conference.

This means all members should apply a high degree of care and consideration to how they interact with others. We do not tolerate harassment in any form, but also want to go even further in actively creating an environment of belonging, inclusion, safety. Anyone acting contrary to the spirit of this mission will be asked to leave the conference at the discretion of the organizers.

During the conference, we have dedicated incident handlers and a Slack channel available for feedback. Please see the Reporting and Feedback section for details.

Feedback, Slack

The organizers have established a Slack team, . Because of the way Slack works, you have to be invited into the team, but anyone already on the team can invite anyone else. If you'd like an invitation, email or

There's a special #feedback channel on the team, where you can leave general conference feedback. You can also DM the organizers directly with feedback or concerns.

The Code of Conduct also applies to interactions on our Slack team.